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Maybe it's the sun setting over the ocean's horizon. Maybe it's the soft ocean breezes or the hush of the waves. Or maybe it's just because you've been watching a lot of old movies on TV or too many reruns of "The Love Boat?" Whatever the reason, we all connect with the romantic magic of a cruise.

Romance at sea comes in many forms. We've narrowed that magic into three "best for" sections:

  • Best Cruises for Weddings. If a shipboard wedding or a shoreside wedding during your cruise is in your plans, here's our list of picks.
  • Best Cruises for Honeymooners. A well-chosen cruise can be the most romantic honeymoon on earth. Choose from our list of winners.
  • Best Cruises for Romantic Getaways. This was one of our favorite "best for" categories to research. Find out why!

About Cruising & ROMANCE

  Best Cruises for WEDDINGS
Looking for that Perfect Wedding Site?
Planning a Shipboard Wedding?
Wedding Chapels at Sea
Renew your Vows Here!
  Best Cruises for HONEYMOONERS
Cruise For Two? These are for you!
Escape to a Paradise Hideaway!
Honeymooners Love These Cruises!
  Best Cruises for ROMANTIC GETAWAYS
Find your Private Corner of the World
Quiet Beaches, Romantic Sunsets
Moonlit Balcony Dinners for Two
Something Special for that Special Anniversary

Best Cruises
First-Time Cruisers
    Romantic Getaways
Fine Dining
Diving & Snorkeling
Golf, Fitness & Spas