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Ship Overview

Norwegian Cruise Lines (NCL) has long been a leader in the cruise industry, challenging traditions, and forging new innovations. Now they're doing it again with "Freestyle Cruising," designed to give the cruiser all the options of a land resort at sea. This means a wider variety of activities, better service, and more options in your dining experience: now you get to decide when, where, and with whom you choose to dine.

In this fast-paced world of active lifestyles, most people appreciate a cruise company that can keep up with them. But on a nostalgic note, we are witnesses to a dying age of classic ships and formal cruising. In other words: almost gone are the days when your waiter remembers that you like coffee with your meal because you might eat at a different dining facility every single night! This could be disappointing to those who are expecting the comforting stability of a traditional cruise experience, but "Freestyle Cruising" is absolutely wonderful for those wanting maximum flexibility and options on their vacation.

And NCL has recently maximized those options by "stretching" the Majesty in 1999 with the insertion of a 112-foot midsection. This additional space has allowed more cruising conveniences: additional cabins, a second pool, several alternative dining facilities, an outdoor bar, a coffee bar, an internet café, and more deck space. And in 2001, the Majesty was refurbished yet again, adding even more dining areas and extra staff ensuring quicker, better service.

Today you'll find the Majesty is sleek, and her clean, simple lines, make her a poster-ship for understated elegance. Interiors are stylishly decorated with soft colors, natural wood, leather sofas, glass, mirrors, and fresh foliage. The Majesty also has an intimate feel and is extremely well laid out. This means you're not likely to get lost (since most of the public rooms are located on Decks 5 and 6) and you'll often see familiar faces.

NCL is a cruise company on the upswing as is evidenced by its bevy of new ships setting sail within the next few years - each bigger and brighter than the last. But on the Majesty, you'll get the best of both worlds: the classic lines and personality of a traditional cruise liner with all the options afforded by "Freestyle Cruising."

Try the Norwegian Majesty. Let them treat you like royalty.

Ship Overview
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