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Artist’s Lobby and the Studio Rotunda

Nine decks of color, and touch of class
If you know anything about Carnival, then you know that they don’t do subtle, they do in-your-face. The Carnival Conquest, with its artistic theme, is as bold as ever, but with a twist of culture. Snatches of famous paintings and the scenes that inspired them surround you.

Sunflower Atrium

Flowers, flowers everywhere – now let’s go get a drink
This smaller, secondary atrium connects the Conquest’s three main public decks where you’ll find most of the non-pool-related activities. Decorated to remind you of Van Gogh’s famous sunflower paintings, the colors should put a smile on even the most exhausted cruiser’s face.

Impressionist Boulevard

“Brush” shoulders with your fellow cruisers
Clever Carnival, they figured out a way to line up most of their biggest indoor attractions along one crazy calliope of a hallway. The Impressionists Boulevard runs between the Degas Lounge and the Toulouse-Lautrec Theater, almost the entire length of Deck 6!

Information Desk

Service with a smile
Cash checks, buy stamps, mail postcards and letters, and get information and assistance from the staff.

Shore Excursion Desk

Land ho!
What’s waiting at that next port of call? The Shore Excursion Desk can help take the uncertainty out of your adventures on dry land, with organized tours that take you where you want to go. Through them, you’ll find the best shopping, sightseeing, and dining options available and also make the best use of your limited time in port.

Boulevard Shops

Mini mall on board
This is the place where you can pick up any items you may have left at home, plus a big selection of cruise fashions and accessories, electronics, perfume, liquor, and Carnival logo items.


Let’s play dress-up
As cruise lines go, Carnival is one of the
most laid-back and casual. But formal
nights are a chance where you can polish
yourself up and really shine. If you don’t have
the duds to do it up right, the folks at
Formalities will help.

The Sun Pool, Waterslide, and Whirlpools

Sun rhymes with fun
Carnival knows how to design a pool that’s perfect for swimming around, splashing, and staying cool. This pool area features two whirlpools, a stage for a little island music performance, and plenty of deck space.

The Sky Pool and Whirlpools

Sky rhymes with sigh
(as in comfort and delight)

You’ll find another pool and two more whirlpools aft on Deck 9. This location makes the Sky Pool great for gazing out at where you’ve been or daydreaming about where you’re going.

The Stars Pool and Whirlpool

Star rhymes with far (away from the rabble below)
Grab a spot up top by the Stars Pool for a view of the surrounding ocean. When you’re tired of peace and quiet, take the plunge on the 200-foot, spiral waterslide.

Painters’ Library

I.D. please? No, you don’t have to be a card-carrying member of the Painter’s Union to enter, or even a struggling artist...just a Carnival Conquest passenger who’s looking for a good book to get lost in.

The Salon

Retire to the salon
Another quiet getaway where you can play a game with your family or friends. It might not remain so peaceful if you’ve got money riding on that go-fish tournament, though.

The Gallery

Talk about bringing home a souvenir…
On a ship that’s dedicated its whole décor to the works of 19th century impressionist painters, the art gallery is just another room full of pretty paintings. Drop by to preview the art that will be sold during the auction.

Internet Café

Get connected
These days, there are people who think spending a week without the Internet is like watching TV without a remote: just about impossible. That’s why the Conquest features a Web café; so you can easily stay in touch with family, friends, and co-workers.

Monmartre Video Game Room

Sacre bleu, you beat the high score
Named after the Parisian neighborhood that was famous (or infamous, depending on your source) for its colonies of artists and bohemians, this Video Arcade is ready to take you and your money on a fantastic, virtual journey.

Self-Serve Laundry

Every Carnival cruise ship has a 24-hour, self-serve Laundromat for your convenience.

Photo Studio

It's a longstanding custom on most every cruise: photographers roam the decks, capturing your vacation on film. If the shutterbug catches you in the act, you can stop by the Photo Studio later, and purchase a variety or prints and packages to preserve your memories. Cruise videos are available for purchase, too.

Medical Center

No one wants to get sick or hurt while on vacation, but unfortunately, illnesses and accidents do occur sometimes. Carnivals on-board medical staff is available around-the-clock, just in case.

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