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Monet and Renoir Dining Rooms

Water lilies and ballerinas
Impressionist painters were often inspired by delicate, romantic subjects and settings – not exactly traditional Carnival territory. Maybe that’s why they named the main dining rooms – the place where they’re most eager to change their image – after two of Impressionism’s heaviest hitters. This cruise line used to take a lot of criticism for their cuisine, but they’re working hard to change that reputation. After a taste of the new Carnival menu you’ll probably find yourself coming away from the table pleasantly surprised.

Restaurant Cezanne

Quick and easy
If you read about the new and improved Carnival cuisine (above) and found yourself thinking, “who’s got the time for all that fancy schmancy, five-course stuff,” then the Restaurant Cezanne is your place. Open 24-hours-a-day, Cezanne serves up buffet style breakfasts, lunches, and snacks. At dinner time it turns into a casual, bistro-style restaurant. What does this all boil down to? You don’t have to dress up, sit with strangers, or eat at an assigned time – unless you want to, of course.

The Point

You're worth it
The Carnival Conquest’s extra-cost, reservations-only restaurant is perched high up on Deck 10. There’s a $25.00 surcharge (worth every penny!) and it’s all you can eat – stone crab, filet mignon, lobster – all are delicious and there’s absolutely no rush. Seating is limited to about 80 passengers so if you’re looking for an upscale dining adventure, call in your reservation the moment you get into your cabin. Better yet, make your way up to The Point and pick your table yourself!

Café Fans

Get your fix
More than ever before, Carnival passengers come from all age-groups and backgrounds (read on). That’s why you’ll find a lot of new offerings on board like specialty coffee bars for those high-power, always-on-the-go office types who simply can’t function without their java jolt.

Sushi Bar

Try something new
More than ever, Carnival passengers come from all age groups and backgrounds (see above). That’s why you’ll find a lot of new offerings on board like sushi bars for those world-traveling, adventurous eaters who think that good, old-fashioned steak and potatoes spells “boring.”


Good eats
Sun lovers know that you always get hungry for lunch, right in the middle of prime tanning hours. Luckily, barbecued chicken, ribs, and burgers are only a few steps away from your deck chair by the Sky Pool.


The best pizza at sea
Everyone raves about this 24-hour pizzeria, which serves made-to-order pies, garlic rolls, calzones, and Caesar Salads.

Room Service

Only a phone call away
Midnight munchies? Don’t like people to see you before you’ve had that first cup of coffee? Just can’t muster the energy to get off your balcony and go to lunch? Whatever the reason, Room Service doesn’t need an explanation – just a phone call.

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