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Mariner of the Seas - Children

The Royal Caribbean Ocean Adventures program divides young passengers into four groups – Aquanauts (3-5), Explorers (6-8), Voyagers (9-12), and Mariners (13-17). Each group has supervised activities either in the Club Ocean area or the Fuel Teen Disco. Nearby, Adventure Beach houses a kid’s-only pool and accompanying waterslide. For night owl parents, baby-sitting is available during selected hours.

Adventure Ocean Dining:
This option allows kids to eat with the youth staff on selected nights, so that you can have a night alone.

Soda Card Program:
The Soda Card program allows you to purchase an unlimited number of sodas for a flat fee, a big bonus for thirsty kids and teens (and a break for their parents, too.)

Club Ocean:
Vacation, kid’s style
Club Ocean has plenty of space, and a variety of different areas, so that your kids can have fun with children their own age. Aquanauts, Explorers, and Voyagers participate in arts and crafts, computers, video games, movie nights, and pool play. The Adventure Science program makes learning fun with activities like exploding volcano construction and gooey space mud chemistry. Kids receive a special version of the daily newsletter, so that you can plan the family’s day around the activities that interest your children.

The Aquanaut’s area is decorated with bright, primary colors to keep kid’s imaginations stimulated. There are plenty of interesting nooks and crannies to crawl into, over, around and through.

Creativity and imagination are keys in the Explorer’s area, which features workstation for arts and crafts. There’s also plenty of room for good, old-fashioned playing. p>Voyagers::
The Voyagers center contains computers, and plenty of small conversation areas, so that kid’s can hang-out in small groups. A central stage ensures that group activities will challenge their imaginations.

Fuel Teen Disco:
A large soda bar, a dance floor, and several cozy sitting areas round out the Mariner’s teen club. Your teens can come and go as they please – they’re never forced to participate in any of the activities. But they’ll certainly be interested in what’s being offered: themed dance parties, sports tournaments, a battle of the sexes, and a no-holds-barred scavenger hunt. What’s more, most of the programs don’t start until mid-afternoon, leaving them plenty of time to sleep in.

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