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Panama Canal:  8-Night Roundtrips from Florida Cruises
Panama Canal: 8-Night Roundtrips from Florida

    The Panama Canal – with roundtrip Florida convenience!
Combine the extraordinary experience of the Panama Canal with the easy convenience (and travel cost savings) of roundtrip Florida cruising!
Spend an entire day at the canal – see the sights, the tropical rainforests, the canal locks – and pay a visit to the Pacific Ocean!
Visit exotic Caribbean and/or Central American ports of call, too!

Choose this cruise because…
New, Fast and Efficient! These new cruises get you to the canal and back in speed and style!
Convenient! You’ll depart and return to Florida – saving travel time and money to and from your cruise!
   But consider…
Limited ports of call. You'll see the Canal plus just one of two other ports along the way.
A tease - not a transit. You will not complete an actual transit of the canal aboard your cruise ship - but you'll still have time to tour the locks, the canal, and maybe venture across to the Pacific side.

The cost

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The Buzz
Carnival Exclusive! Currently, the regular, 8-night roundtrip cruises are offered only aboard Carnival Cruise Line’s Carnival Legend, though other cruise lines may occasionally offer the itinerary.
Built for Speed. Only the cruise lines’ newest breed of faster ships can comfortably complete this itinerary in just 8 nights.

The Details
  The Departure Ports
Depart from Miami or Ft. Lauderdale
  The Season:
Winter season – usually October through April
  The Weather:
Cozumel: Average Year Round High: Upper 80s. Low: Mid 70s.
Grand Cayman: Average Year Round High: Upper 80s. Low: Upper 70s.
Miami: July Average High: Around 90. Low: Upper 70s.
Miami: January Average High: Upper 70s. Low: Around 60.
Panama Canal: Average Year Round High: About 90. Low: Upper 70s.
Travel Tip: Generally, the "rainy season" for most of this region is from May through November. Rain is typically in the form of brief downpours. The best time to visit the Panama Canal region is during its "dry season," December through March.
Travel Tip: Hurricane season runs from June through November; August and September being the most active. Ships always avoid their path, though heavy seas and rain can sometimes be felt from distant storms.
  The Duration:
8-nights. Typically, four days will be “at sea.”

Panama Canal
Panama Canal: 8-Night Roundtrips from Florida
Belize City
Fort Lauderdale
Grand Cayman
Key West
Montego Bay
Ocho Rios
Panama Canal
Puerto Limon
San Blas Islands
Yucatan Peninsula