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Europe Cruises
Europe Cruises Map

Europe - a treat for the senses! Visit her castles, cathedrals, palaces and monuments and...

Save your DOLLARS! Cruising is the most Cost-Effective way to see Europe!

• Walk in the paths of kings, bishops, martyrs and czars!

• Hear the familiar, steady chimes of Westminster

• Touch the timeworn marble columns of the Parthenon

The three major Europe areas:
MEDITERRANEAN: Adventure, Ancient History & Warm Weather!
Extending from Egypt and the Greek isles all the way to Gibraltar (and out into the Atlantic, too), this region offers a window on ancient civilizations and trendy, up-to-the-second resorts. It’s the most popular cruise region in Europe!
NORTHERN EUROPE: Czars, Vikings & Fjords!
If you’re thinking Norwegian fjords, Baltic capitals or the museums of St. Petersburg, Russia, you’re thinking Northern Europe. And Russia is now the world's most sought after cruise destination!
WESTERN EUROPE: Big Cities & Remote Hideaways!
They're all here - London, Paris, Amsterdam, Dublin, Lisbon – all the big cities you want to see. But within this highly accessible region are hidden some of the out-of-the-way gems such as Guernsey, Vigo, Cork and Honfleur, too!
Experience the Mediterranean three different ways:

Mediterranean: 7 to 8-Night One-way & Roundtrips  Find out more
• It's a big region! "Choice" is the operative word with 7-Night Mediterranean cruises. Select from Eastern or Western Mediterranean itineraries!
• Eastern Mediterranean: Focus on the Greek Isles and the ports of the Adriatic Sea.
• Western Mediterranean: Focus on Spain and the French and Italian Riviera region.

Mediterranean: 9 to 12-Night One-Way & Roundtrips  Find out more
• Longer Cruises = More Mediterranean! Get more ports in your Eastern or Western Mediterranean cruise or get a little of both for even more variety!
• Roundtrip Convenience! You'll probably SAVE on air travel cost by cruising roundtrip.

Mediterranean & Western Europe: 6 to 16-Night One-way & Roundtrip  Find out more
• Take the Grand Tour! Travel between the Mediterranean region and Western Europe, or beyond.
• More for your Money. Here's a cost-effective way to see large areas of the continent. And remember - your hotel AND transportation is your cruise ship!
• Follow the Sun! Many of these cruises follow the warm weather, operating either “northbound” (Mediterranean to Northern Europe in the late spring) or “southbound” (Northern Europe to the Mediterranean in late summer or fall).

Mediterranean - Other Itineraries   Find out more
   • Longer Itineraries. Cruise the Mediterranean for 12 nights or more!
   • Two-For-One! Combine a Mediterranean cruise with a Transatlantic crossing!
   • World Voyages! Travel the Mediterranean segment of a world journey!
Experience the Northern Europe three different ways:

Northern Europe: 7 to 9-Night Baltic Sea/Norwegian Fjord Roundtrips  Find out more
• Select either Baltic Sea cruises or Norwegian Fjord cruises.
• Baltic Sea cruises focus on Russia, Scandinavia, Estonia, Poland, Germany and Denmark
• Norwegian Fjord cruises focus on Norway and North Sea ports.
• Embark from Northern European gateways such as Copenhagen or Stockholm.

Northern Europe:  10 to 16-Night One-way & Roundtrip Baltic Sea   Find out more
• Baltic Sea In-depth. More comprehensive than the 7-night itineraries; you’ll see more ports and probably have more time in most ports.
• One-way Itineraries cover more territory and usually offer more ports and more regional variety.
• Roundtrip Itineraries typically save you money in air travel costs – particularly if London is your gateway.

Northern Europe: 10 to 15-Night Norwegian Fjord Focus   Find out more
• Norwegian Fjords Focus. The fjords of Norway are front and center on every cruise, but all itineraries offer the PLUS of additional British Isles or North Sea ports.

Northern Europe - Other Itineraries   Find out more
   • Short "Getaways!" Shorter, 2 to 6-night itineraries.
   • Extended Journeys! Cruise for 16 nights or more.
   • Two-For-One! Combine a Northern Europe AND Transatlantic cruise!
   • World Voyages! Choose World Voyage segments which include N. Europe!
Experience the Western Europe two different ways:

Western Europe: 10 to 14-Night Roundtrips  Find out more
• European Capitals! The popular port cities of the British Isles, Ireland, Holland, Belgium, France, Spain and Portugal are in focus.
• Variety! These cruises often include ports ranging from the Baltic Sea to Spain – even as far as the Mediterranean. One-way itineraries can be especially varied.

Western Europe & Mediterranean: 6 to 16-Night One-way or Roundtrip  Find out more
• Exceptional Variety! Looking for an interesting mix of Western Europe and the Mediterranean? Check these out.
• Gibraltar! North Africa! All cruises pass through the Straits of Gibraltar; some visit exotic Morocco and Atlantic Ocean islands.
• Warm Weather! These cruises tend to follow the warm weather, operating either “northbound" (Mediterranean to Northern Europe in the late spring) or “southbound" (Northern Europe to the Mediterranean in late summer or fall).

Western Europe – Other Itineraries   Find out more
   • Atlantic Islands - W. Europe cruises with a Canary Islands or Madeira focus.
   • Extended-length Journeys - Cruise for 17 nights or more - see more ports!
   • Two-For-One - Combine Western Europe ports with ports of other regions!
   • World Voyages - Try a segment of a World Voyage which includes W. Europe.
   • Short "Getaways" - Add a roundtrip cruise getaway to your Europe vacation

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