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You never call... You never write...
We're here for you. Call us, fax us, email us, write us, or visit us. Click here and we'll provide you a list contacts: our phone number, fax number, email address, and mailing address. Please use them. We want to hear from you.

Questions...always questions. But it's your cruise and you're entitled to ask them:

  • How can I find love and romance in a bunk-bedded cabin?
  • What'll I do if the airline loses my tuxedo?
  • Do I even need a tuxedo on a cruise?
  • Take my teenage son on a cruise? What, are you nuts?
  • Just when is that midnight buffet?

Now for the answers: Click here and find them fast in our FAQs pages.

We at 7 Blue Seas will do our collective best to see that your next cruise is your best cruise. However, there are a few ground rules we want you to know about. It's our recommendation that you review the terms and conditions so that you understand our responsibilities. Your use of this site indicates to us that you agree with our terms and conditions. So please, do your homework – it'll only take a few minutes of your time.

We believe that when booking a cruise you should spend your time thinking about where you're going to go, not where your personal information might be going. We promise that anything you tell us about yourself will remain confidential and will shared only with the authorized travel service providers necessary to complete your requested cruise reservation.

Our membership in various associations reflects our desire to maintain a voice in the travel industry, to represent the common needs of 7 Blue Seas and our clients, and to allow us to stay on top of the laws, regulations, and actions that affect those common interests. These memberships are important to us all, so please read on...

So here it is – 7 Blue Seas’ Site Map. From Destinations to Hot Weekly Deals, we’ve got a lot of cruise information to share with you. For fast access just click on the category or topic that interests you and you’re there. Fast. Easy. Simple.

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